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Brake pads...

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It's looking like I need new pads all round and disks on the rear. 

I've been looking at EBC pads for the rear, I'm torn between greenstuff and redstuff. The redstuffs are £5 more, but do I really need them? I'm not planning on doing any track days anytime soon...


Then on the front I'm at a complete loss... I have impreza 4 pot calipers. Am I best to go for the same pads as I get on the rear or does anyone else use anything different on their own cars? 


I've never had to buy 'performance' brake parts, as it were, so this is all a bit of a minefield for me! :wacko:


Thanks in advance

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I had some greenstuff ebc pads which had great initial bite but seemed to destroy discs (even tho they were brand new oem). Admittedly that was several years ago so the formula has probably changed, seemed to be a common complaint at the time

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Yeah mate don't bother with uprated pads on the rear tge padgid ones you can get are pretty effective, the fronts handle a lot more of the braking anyway go uprated fronts then if your still not happy change the rears later

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Good plan, I can get OEM ones from ICP for £14 to do all 4 rear pads.

I only noticed they needed as my car has developed an annoying intermittent squeak/whine. Although after a bit more driving today I noticed it doesn't seem to stop when the brakes are on. It doesn't seem to relate to road or engine speed much either. Any other ideas?

Is has a sort of car alarm type rythm to it if that helps at all...

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Nopd not really lol !

Ciuld be anything from a wheel bearing to worn bush, does it sound internal or external?

My passenger seatbelt knocks against the door trim if it's not retracted fully drove me insane for a week or two before i worked out what it was

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