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Hello all,


When i had a Range Rover a chip was added to the engine. It was just a small box of tricks that could be turned on and off which gave another 30 BHP when needed for towing.


With my Suburu i'd like it to be tuned for economy but with a similar power box that i can turn on or off when needed for performance power setting, Have you had this done and how well does it work?




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I do indeed however my 2nd map is for emergency supermarket fuel if i ever get stuck without Shell garage, it's an esl board which is only usable for cars up to 1998 so may not be of any use to newer members, have to look at the other options, what year is your car mate ?

Carberry open source mapping may be worth checking out, mfnick has it on his sti, think you can have twin maps and will be about 300,

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Hi Stants,


So are you saying that to tune your car you need a Tuning licence?


For now i would just like my legacy to run on British grade fuel.

I went to a garage today but was informed they only done 2wd.

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Depends what your ecu will allow, mine only had two options open source or a standalone replacement ecu. Yours can be re flashed directly, one of the software companies developed the software and you pay 150 for the licence then map, others like carberry are again open source so you pay for the map

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