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2015 Petrol Outback - Opinions & Fuel Consumption


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I'm looking to buy a new petrol automatic car with a decent ground clearance and the new Outback may be suitable. However, I can't currently locate a petrol version to test drive.My only option so far is to try the diesel version and hope the petrol version will be suitable. Note I generally prefer the refinement of petrol engines and diesel is uneconomic being a low mileage driver.


Please advise your opinion of the new petrol Outback. I'm interested to know the actual fuel consumption for combined town / country driving and long distance motorway trips at 70mph. What's the refinement like at 70mph i.e. engine noise / rpm, wind noise and tyre noise? 

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I'm not sure we have any members in the new model yet.

The only info I can give you as a comparison is on mine (2005 3.0 petrol auto). It's silky smooth and has returned 26mpg in the 10 months I've had it so far. Book mpg was claimed to be 28, so not as far off real world as other cars I've known.

If my memory serves me right, the 2015 2.5 petrol auto claims nearly 40 mpg, so 35 should be achievable.

Hope that helps....I've posted links to a number of reviews of the new model....all seem to rate it highly. Have a look I this section of the forum [emoji106]

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I had a  test drive of a 2.5 petrol Lineartronic Outback recently. The 15 mile test drive consisted of rural driving at 40 mph and a motorway stretch at 50--70mph under normal acceleration.


The average consumption on the route was 24 mpg which is rather poor.


Has anyone who has bought the new petrol Outback able to report their economy with more extensive use? I won't be buying one without clear evidence of acceptable real world economy.


I found the comfort, handling and refinement (road noise, engine noise & wind noise) very good.

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I took a 2.5 petrol Lineartronic Outback for a test drive last month.  I drove about 60 miles on a mixture of dual carriageways and country lanes, including some quite steep gradients.  By the time I took it back the average mpg display was reading 36.3 which I was more than happy with.  Obviously I don't know how accurate the display is, but on most cars I find they are reasonably accurate.


Having never driven a car with a CVT gearbox I was a bit concerned that the Outback may have been a noisy car, particularly in view of some of the reviews I had read, but I needn't have worried as I found the car to be really quiet and refined.


The only negative points I could find were the fact that the radio is not digital and also that there is no choice of colours for the interior trim - it only comes in black.  There are loads of pictures on the internet showing the car with ivory leather, but apparently this is only available in the US.


These are only minor points however, and I liked the car so much that I ordered one straight away.  Delivery won't be until October at the earliest, which is quite a long wait but I'm sure it will be worth it.

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