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Wind noise


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I too am suffering some wind noise in my SG, and have yet to find the spline discussed in the video.


On Thursday I went to B&Q and could not find it so bought some very small rubber tubing, similar to the hose that runs for the window squirters, I put it in the same place as the chap does in the video, but it has not seemed to work :(


Just thought I would let you know in case like me you end up on the experimental route.


Good luck finding the spline, and let us know if you ever do!

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HI, I have the typical wind noise from the wing mirrors and would like to simply buy new rubbers/gaiters, can you buy them as a pair and any idea's of where ? online shopping preferred. Local dealer would only replace them as a complete thing with mirrors and all...crazy money...Thanks.   

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Try a strip of door/window seal, (comes as roles of different rubbers or foam strips) in the fold between the layers, and to keep the rubbr soft try the Sonax rubber care stick from Amazon, it's only a fiver, the Zymol is good but you need a mortgage to afford it!

Sonax 04990000 Rubber Care Stick
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I did 4 things and the noise is almost completely gone.


1)Put some tube in the inner side of the rubber





2)put a smaller diameter tube on the outer side of the rubber.





3)Sealed the holes on the gusset (behind the tweeter trim) 




4) Adjusted the window to be as high up as possible but still be able to open the door:


I will replace the gussets at some point but the bove things have reduced noise up to 90% even at high speeds

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