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2002 wrx over bucket shim/ cam follower /tappet lol

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Hi all I've been looking on the net for what the correct lash/ clearance should be for the cam lobe and cam follower over shim bucket , as I have found some where to by the different thickness shims ,

As it states in service manual these should be checked every 100'ooo miles , I'm on 110'ooo miles and engine is quite tappety on startup , so just wanted to check for the right clearance don't want burnt valves :-)

Also can I convert to under bucket shims , ?

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For a car that is so popular I'm so surprised there is not a readily available workshop manual , how does anybody know anything about these engines , I'm not paying 117 squid for a Haynes one from America

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I'm not up to speed on newage spec but I wasn't aware that newage had "shims" I thought it was only some v2sti ra's and v3/v4 sti's that had shims .

My v1 sti and my v3 uk both have hydraulic lifters (lash caps) which don't have separate shims


There's a few pdf manuals on here bud [emoji6]


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Cheers mate , yeah they kept changing the type of bucket ,lol ' I was looking at some writing under my bonnet and found a little sticker engine tune up and says what the gaps should be on inlet and exhaust and idle control etc everything lol strange how you can't see something that's straight in front of you , , I could quite possibly be rebuilding my engine this winter in my shed so keep an eye on the this space , as I'll prob need abit of help lol lol

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