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About to buy my first Subaru


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Evenin' all,


I've just watched my Jaguar head off into the sunset on a car transporter and am looking to spend the cash on an Impreza.


As the title states, I know nothing.


I'm after a WRX Estate (Wagon?) ,I reckon. My budget is about three thousand.


My main question is, are there many huge differences between models? Excuse my ignorance, but how are they referenced? 'Bug Eye' etc...?


Also, what are the most common and most expensive faults I need to look out for?


Thanks in advance,


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Wotcha and welcome, keep us posted on what you decide and feel free to get stuck in with the rest of the forum, loads of info on different motors - Matt owns a wagon with a fair few mods

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Welcome to the club.

Pick a style you like in your budget.

They are generally a great car

Just need make sure you try and get :

Full service history

Cam belts upto date

Lowest mileage you can

Check for knocking in the engine hold the revs about 3k and listen ?

Listen for wheel bearings

And general condition

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Hi mate, welcome to the club

As a rough guide - The bugeye is the shape from 2000 to 2003, blobeye is 2003 to 2006, hawkeye is 2006 to 2008.

In the wagon range, there are a couple of non turbo models to choose from, but only one turbo model, the WRX.

You should be able to pick up a 2003/4 blob wrx for your budget.

Don't worry too much about mileage, just check the history and give it a good once over and test drive. mine has 110k on the clock and is running 330 bhp.

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