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500bhp at the wheels is around 600bhp at the fly, that is some mega power and gonna be a serious build, £20k by the time all support mods are in place at a guess. Bear in mind will be a full overhaul of engine, fuel system, gearbox, clutch, turbo, ecu etc etc.


why so much? whats the most powerfull scoob you have driven?

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Im assuming yoru still running the standard 2.5 engine?


First port of call is rebuild with proper pistons, rods and such if your wanting to boost performance. as long as yours is ok £4k should be enough to get it done properly.


You could try decat, panel filter and map, but is a risk on the standard 2.5

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ah right, hats a tad different then. Rods will limit you to around 400, but could put a larger turbo on it and push it up towards 400.


Sc42 will be about right and will spool well on a 2.5. injectors may need an upgrade. 

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£500 for a 700bhp turbo :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


400bhp and maybe 450 lb torque will make a rapid car, if you do want 500 at the wheels, you will be spending £18k +


try the sc42 with other supporting mods and remap, see if that puts a smile on your face.


one other thing to think about is advanced driving, learn how to use what you have got to it's full potential

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