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stolen keys


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Hey guys so some low life scum bag stole my car keys along with my house keys from a mates car on Tuesday. luckily my car was at home and I managed to break into my house and change the locks. Anyway I am now unable to use my car as that was my only key. The car is a 1996 legacy GTB import.


What do you guys suggest? I've contacted Subaru with the key code off the door barrel to get a new key programmed but I'm yet to get a price, I'm guessing this is going to be expensive


what are my options? 



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Ye subaru said they'll be able to get in it but not drive it. Which is fine by me as there's nothing to nick anyway. Plus the key was stolen the other side of cardiff which I'll have no need to go anywhere near in the next 4 weeks.

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hope you get it sorted

I lost my key while we were shopping in meadowhell, luckily the father in law had a key for our house, he went and picked up my spare so we could get home.

luckily I had the insurance key fob on, phoned them up when I discovered I'd lost it. I had to arrange with local subaru dealer to get new key sorted, I had to pay, but they reimbursed my within 5 days


defo the best £10 I've spent, new key was over £250 :huh:

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I was estimating around the 250 mark. If I have an aftermarket ecu do you think just buying a new barrel and locks will work? I had the barrel off today and used a normal key but the immobiliser was on.

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