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South Yorkshire meet 18th May Pictures up

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SSS (Sheffield Subaru Services)

Sorry its late at getting up but just had confirmation.


Unit 36
Century Street
S9 5DX

Meeting Time and date


18th May


2ND Monday Every Month (unless stated otherwise)


Meeting Rules 

1. No idiotic driving on the roads surrounding the Meeting.  

2. No leaving litter.

3. Do not partake in any other idiotic behaviour. 

4. Have fun and meet fellow Subaru owners.



All cars invited, as there is a local retro and new car meet straight afterwards, that features alot of cars :)


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Good pics there mate, comin along with the camera skills shame the brew making isn't [emoji51] on a par forgot to ask last night if anyone's coming to japshow on the 5th July ?

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Dont worry man, will see you next time :) 


Mine was the black blob with black wheels with the fog light covers on. i was near the evo. i think i was stood in the picture when they were being taken ... that's my bad! (number plate was WRX at the end) 

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no idea why they didnt get uploaded last time , just realized after you said it , mine is the D2 one, i was lad in the grey and as usual getting bantered by everyone, turn up to a few more and you will integrate, its sometimes hard at the meets especially as some of these have been coming well over two years and no everyone by name haha :) don not be put off though.

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