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MOT Advisory Items - Offside front Trailing arm rubber bush


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Just been looking at my MOT certificate (PASS) happy days.


There are 3 advisory items, two of which i can work out and will sort this weekend.


one however has me confused, and I am hoping that you can shed some light on it:


003 Offside front Trailing arm rubber bush deteriorated but not resulting in excessive movement [2.4.G.2]


Now obviously this is some sort of rubber bush, somewhere on the offside of the car... however, is it at the front as the name would suggest, or is it the rear, but the front of perhaps a pair of bushes?


I've had a scan and fount Rear tie bar to hub front bushes




ECP only has anti roll bar bushes (which one of was on the advisory, so all 4 are getting done)


But i cant seem to find the Front Trailing arm rubber bush, as described in the MOT anywhere.


Can anyone shed some light on what this part is? If it is available readily I will try and pick one up tomorrow so i can look at it while doing roll bar bushes.


Thanks for your help

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Thanks Mr B, I will have a crawl around under the car tomorrow to see how bad it is, this looks like it could be an awkward one to change, probably need a proper press to get it done.

Thanks again for the help.

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Not really, the new poly bushes are easy to fit.

hardest part is removing old one, I find an air hammer good on them but real tight ones are best burnt out, then remaining metal sleeve cut or knocked out.

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