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Clutch recommendations

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Hi guys

So work has started on my car at last. Going to have a new clutch put in while the car is being worked on.

Was going to go for a exedy pink box but just reading online about clutch judder so not sure if it's a good choice or not.

What would people recommend for a 2008 WRX 2.5. I will be taking the power up to around 300bhp max of around 330bhp.

The car is a daly driver might have the odd go at a track or drag strip but is 99.9% a road car so more important to drivable.

Thanks for any help



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Hey sorry to thread jack but i got a new clutch from scooby world:




Got the below clutch fitted with a new fly wheel


Clutch - supply and fit Exedy 5 speed, Stage 1 Organic clutch - all 5 Speed Impreza turbo models (2 litre and 2.5 litre models from 1993-2013) inc. plate and release bearing



The clutch is extremely hard- as hard to press as the old clutch, also when changing
the gears they sometimes don’t go in smoothly I can feel something resisting-
after driving for a while I can also hear an electronic clicking when I press
the clutch down.


I phoned Scooby world and they said that this was all normal because the car was
4x4 the clutch was hard, and that I needed to wear in the clutch


Done about 900 miles since the new clutch


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