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Check this guy out!


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wouldn't even attempt it


hitting the rev limiter and not getting much air through the intercooler to cool it, and the burnt rubber in the air could get sucked back into the engine and cause internal damage


if you want to drift, buy a RWD car

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The comments go on to say that "the crankshaft somhow got stuck in the block and engine could not turn around"


Possibly oil starvation, so probably best not do it for a prolonged period like this chap does.


Looks fun though! :D

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Would love to try this but feel that it would do damge to the car or is the Subaru built for this kinda stuff?

Your tyres wil be nullified for sure. If you want to try this buy a cheap set of tyre and make sure your oil level is above the half as a stock car does not have an oil buffle. If your oil moving too fast because of the G force ( turning, braking,accelerating, or spinning like this guy ) you can damage your engine as well. An oil baffle can prevent this. You don`t need one except you are doing slalom races or extremely silly things ;)

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