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02 wrx Modding rt. ?s


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So i have a 02 Wrx that has a cBE installed.. i have a uppipe and a DP n sf intake not installed tho. I would love to get up the power of the engine but idk where to really start.. planned on buyin a Cobb AP.... but also i wanted to improve handling also.. besides tires what are some good fair priced things to improve handling and preformance ... thanks guys

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Wotcha and welcome - I must confess some of your abbreviations I dont fully understand - but Ill give you my view of where to go and others will be along with their suggestions


Have a good look about the site as we have a few choice builds which would be food for thought.


The Cobb unit is a great piece of kit but I would understand where you are starting from to make sure you dont blow your lump.


I am guessing CBE is Closed-deck Block Engine?? - if so that unit with the right internals will be good for 400+ BHP but I would suggest the larger engine bolts, forged pistons with a balanced crank.


above 320 BHP you would be looking at a front mounted intercooler.


Again around the 350 mark you will need to look at the gearbox, a newage 6 speed box will take that type of power.


An appropriate clutch at that point would ensure power transfer.


Fuel pump will need replacing (a good thing to do if it is between 5 - 10 years old anyway)


larger injectors and of course an associated turbo and exhaust system that can move the amount of air volume.


The Cobb unit will help with management of all these mods as you go along.


From a chassis perspective look at ensuring all is tight - get the bushes sorted, investigate uprated anti roll bars and have a decent strut brace in front and rear consider aftermarket / upgraded suspension units / coilovers


Brakes will need to be in good working order - have a look at bigger discs and calipers but braided hoses after-market discs and pads are a good upgrade to standard with 5.1 fluid replacing the exiting stuff.


A more cost effective option to bolting on power is to reduce the weight of the car improving the power to weight ratio - doesn't cost anything to remove the rear seats and any rubbish from the boot / trunk.


All of this will depend on budget and what you would like to use the car for. But whatever you decide feel free to create a project thread and keep us posted - all friendly on here so jump right in.


Food for thought









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