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ECU for jdm impreza classic

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V2 1995 impreza wrx (jdm)

Bought car about one month ago

Has td05. Massive stainless decat exhaust. Baileys dv. Induction filter. May have uprated fuel pump and injectors (not checked yet) but running really rich. Has apexi avcr.

Whats the most cost effective way to get it running right?

Not sure if its been mapped - has the standard ecu box (z4 i think) but not opened her up to look inside.

Is there a oem subaru ecu i can swap in to get mapped? Or is there a cost effective ecu i can swap in to get mapped.

Just spent about £1500 on new parts and getting all the wear and tear items replaced so not much left in the budget (as girlfriend would kill me if i spend much more)

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What colour are your injectors ?

it should have grey 380's and if they're yellow 440's it would cause over fuelling (and so would a unmapped decat)

Unfortunately they're isn't a ecu that will plug n play with a decat .

Cheapest option would probably be getting a esl board fitted and mapped (about £600 supplied, fitted and mapped)

You might save a bit(£100 ish) if you can find a second hand v2 esl'd/alcertek'd ecu and get someone to fit and map it

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