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My Legacy is a 2008 model year with the black dash on the radio and protruding control knobs.


It seems an excellent radio with good tone but I don't think the speakers in both rear doors are working. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a known problem?


If I use the balance button it works fine left to right and back again but go to fade and all seems to be at the front. Fade it to back and put full volume up and nothing happens. The WoW setting works wonderful but nothing from back. Can't see any chaffed wires though - all other electrics work fine.


Help appreciated.

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Wish I was that clever........................I design buildings during the day but know nothing about electrics on cars sadly. I thought it was odd unless both blew at the same time for some reason - Battery change etc????? I know when I had my Saab 9-5 you had to be careful when new Battery fitted............... I've only driven it around 100 miles so far and it's going into dealers (who I have been told are very good and friendly) to look at rumble noise from wheels when on lock and also do a full health check and software update if needed. Anything really a worry will be paid for/put right by garage I bought it from.....there is a Warranty First warranty but it's only £500 each claim.......................

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I too have a 2008 legacy, recently purchased via private sale, with both rear speakers not working. I could understand a damaged cable affecting one of the speakers but for both to have failed I find surprising. I hope it is not the radio that is at fault as replacement likely to be troublesome and expensive. As I will soon be installing a Parrot Bluetooth device that will allow my phone to play music via the radio, I will be asking the installer to take a look at this. 

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