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Tyre Speed Ratings - different rating used on front and back axles

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So I'm about to order a pair of new tyres ahead of my MOT next month. The one's I have my eye are are a higher speed rating compared to what I'm running currently (W rather than V). They will be fitted as a pair on the rear axle, so will be running V's on the front, W's on the rear until the fronts need replacing later this year.


I've read up on this as much as I can and from what I can gather it won't cause any problems, either day to day or MOT wise. Does anybody 'in the the know' know anything different please?





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No is the short answer.


The longer answer is: Mixing brands and specs is rarely advised. It may create resonance simply through different types of rubber, however this is aesthetic, rather than safety oriented. As far as safety is concerned, the speed rating is an upper limit the tyres are rated to and, unless one of them is below the national speed limit/the speed you're planning to drive at, you'll notice no difference.

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I'm well impressed by the good years, sooo much grip in the wet & braking is awesome too

I thought they'd be good...I've run goodyears on previous cars and was always impressed with grip and longevity too

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Thought I'm never gonna run out of grip in the dry so may as well get a decent combination of grip/eco. Just need a geo set up, delayed as I've got some more suspension bits to put on but they haven't turned up yet

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