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Insurance renewal

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Got my renewal notice through on Saturday for the beginning of July 'I only bought the Forester in April and the fee at the time seemed reasonable but this looked a bit hefty, so jumped on go compare and had a look at what I could get.

I`m with Hastings direct but Hastings premier came up cheaper so I phoned to cancel, when I spoke to the operator she said that she would go through and check my quote and see if she could see what would cause the difference.

The wife didn't`t like driving my previous car but loves the Fozzie so I stuck her on the quote, and if you believe the insurance company (?!) the old girl saved me £19 a month,crikey she does come in useful sometimes.

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Something else which popped up on the comparison site was the apparent market value, I can't remember the name of the site the used but they had it down as a forecourt price of between  £2300 and £2795.

I have just had a look on auto trader on a nationwide search and there isn't one 2.0 xt Forester on a 05 plate in that range, in fact there are only four for sale between 2500 and 3000 and the latest one of them is on 54 plate with another 30k miles on top of mine.

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