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Spoiler help


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Absolutely terrible paint job




Went to Faz auto work shop, got a recommendation from a guy
who got his Supra done


He wanted £150 for the spoiler and £50 for the Pin spoiler
both were fibre glass and ready to go with gel coat primer, bought from a UK manufacturer
can't remember who since the badge is covered now.


Anyway he gives me the spoilers totally messed up and
demands cash, wanting the full £200, i told him to !Removed! he ruined my spoiler,
cut to story short he knows where i live and didn't want trouble so i gave him
£75 for the very poor job that he did.


Another reputable company - Jags body shop wants £200 to re
paint, and fit the spoiler  that's not
including the pin spoiler.




So i thought i would give it a shot i sanded down the pin
spoiler primed it in filler primer, sanded it and painted it, not happy with
the results so i feel that i need to go to a professional.


What is an acceptable price to pay for both spoilers painted 
and fitted


I live in East London any recommendations ?

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I know the sprayer I use said spoilers are hard to paint he doesn't like doing them. I know he was saying he'd want near the £300+ mark to spray an STI spoiler. I know it makes them harder as they flex and move about so much.

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Heard the same stories. All painters I talk to say they are too difficult to do.

There's a bloke called Jamie in hornchurch does a lot of cosmetic stuff. I haven't seen his work so can't vouch for him but he has a good rep locally. I'll send his details over to you. In the meantime his company is called classic Scooby bits. If you fancy a Google. I know he has a Facebook page.

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