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Hi everyone, just signed up here and gone premium also, hope everyone well, anyway a little about myself, I'm David, 32 years old from Durham, I have a 54 plate WRX blobeye, I'm no master mechanic and don't pretend to be, looking forward to learning some stuff on here about improving performance on mine, anyway I'll stop going on now, thanks for having me



P.S. Is the Northern big One a good starting point for a new member, or would I be out of my depth? Lol

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Hello welcome ☺ northern big one is a great introduction to the world of subaru's it's more like a really big friendly meet than a car show everyone goes to have a poke around and a bit of banter,

A few members going from your neck of the woods going along so would make a good day out !

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No worries mate, feel free to get stuck in snd have a nosey round the forum & get some pics up too ☺ Message David & tom as they are up your way always happy to convoy down the more the merrier, i'd be there but holiday is stopping me this year

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