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Advice on my second Impreza


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Hi guys,

I used to have a classic WRX import which was running around 320bhp. I sold it to go Rwd and 2 years on I have finally realised my error.

I'm looking to get a blobeye or hawkeye in the near future and as the STI is out of my budget it will need to be a WRX.

I ideally want it to be around the 320bhp mark again (if I can afford it and without the need to start forging).

Do either the blobeyes or the hawkeyes modify / remap better than the other? Is this a reasonably achievable figure without paying more than I would for an STI?

Any help appreciated!


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I have a blob (for sale [emoji2]) with 272bhp currently and it's pretty much standard, all cats etc. My mapper said it would hit 290 easily just by putting on an uppipe without a cat and remapping (think he said uppipe). I think Duncan has a guide on his site taking you through the stages...racedynamix

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Thanks Jus, I had a look on the racedynamix website which answered most of questions!

I took a look at your car on the for sale forum, it looks very clean and up for a very fair price.

Unfortunately I'm after a blue or white one otherwise I'd definitely be coming to take a look!

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I've found the following on eBay (hopefully I'm allowed to post the link)


It's been taken up to 350bhp.

I know 320-330 is the norm with those mods, is this likely to have engine problems sooner due to the extra strain or is this still within the engines capabilities?


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