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Help towards buying car


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I was looking to buy a subaru impreza 2L RX, the plate is NL08 XWV for you to look at specs, it is priced at £4500 and has 73k miles.

I will be looking at it next week sometime and just wanted to know what I should look out for, its general reliability and if the mileage is something to worry about


Thanks any help is appreciated  

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From reading it all I got these things to check


- Make sure bonnet is cold before using
- check oil for and condensation
- brake fluid 
- coolant levels 
- check all windows go up and down
- all doors
- boot area 
- lights 
- tyre tread levels on all 4
- tyre makes
- listen for knocking sound on idle and then during steady driving
- quiet turbo and no smoke at all
- fluctuating idle revs
- make sure catalytic converter still there
- check for clutch judder in each gear 
- no fear crunching in each gear check at multiple revs bands
- no sound from gearbox in each gear through the Rev range 
- accelerate hard in each gear once warm for any problems 
- any pull towards a side when using breaks check lightly and hard at multiple speeds 
- check round all the body work for problems take pictures of any problems 
- check interior for wear 
- handbrake check for how high to pull 
- biting point quite low down
- any noise from anti roll bars check hard cornering slow and fast both sides
- check suspensions strut tops for rot or rust
- wheel arch rust 
Think of any others to add?
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