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Cambelt change on 2007 49k Hawkeye

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Evening folks. I am almost due for a cambelt on my 07' WRX Hawkeye. I've been reading the recent posts about the water pumps being pretty tough. Does this go for all models? I do have a bit of fun with it but nothing excessive, I live on the isle of wight so no real long journeys and my mileage is only 49k. From what I have read it sounds like the pump might be ok till the next belt but is it really worth the risk?


The belt and pump kit here looks good and is £40 less without the pump:




Also, are there any mods worth doing while the belts and parts are out the way? Always worth asking that one ;)


Cheers guys!

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Yeah kinda my thoughts, whats £40 when it's for your pride and joy!


Is it something I should try fitting myself? I'm fine with basic mechanics but didn't know if there was any specialised equipment needed. Be nice to dodge the garage bill but also want the confidence knowing it's done correctly. If it's simple enough i'm always game cos I get to know the engine a little better.


Guessing there's a Youtube tutorial out there...

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I wouldn't if only mild performance & road use. they designed see over 100k service life. I tend advise them on second belt change in your scenario, if replace it be sure fit something of good quality or you actually going backwards, the oem pumps are very high quality so you want something like Aisin ideally.

The uk service interval on subaru cambelts is awfully low & replacing a waterpump every belt change is a waste of good pumps generally.

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Well after recent event with Alex on 43k miles on his hatch and water pump seizing I'd still do it :) But you're right they should last for ages Tidgy quite rightly pointed this out before on a post. 

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Indeed it happens but you just as likely fit a bad pump (more so if not fussy on brand purchased) as have a low mileage one bad.

Ideal time to change them is between 80 to 120k for average road car (ideally second belt change) ...

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Ok so I have done my research and from what I've seen this kit is coming up trumps... http://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts-info?id=10848&cat=96⊂=183&sec=2484&var=25&dc=0&gen=&searchKey=&searchPart=


What do you think fellas? I am looking to buy this week. Is the Gates one a good one? TIA

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