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Twin Spark


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I was in Halfords the other day looking at spark plugs and come across twin and quad sparks. It got me thinking, could you use a twin spark in a car that doesn't come standard with them?? If so, what are the advantages?? :/


Ive looking on the web and found that people say that it helps with ignition, igniting at 2 different times but that's all i can find! Any help will do :)



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Not sure but looked into it before from what I remember there is no real difference in terms of how the car runs it just gives it a better chance of a reliable spark as there is more sparks but it will still only ignite once.


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Just pay attention to the heat range of the plugs. if the plug runs too hot you risk pre ignition and if it runs too cold it soots up. Other than that they are OK to run in any motor with a decent ignition system.

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