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Perrin oil catch return tank

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I fitted my catch can to simplify things a bit and stop oil entering the intake .

Mine is only a cheap vta but has stopped the oil collecting in the intake pipe work .

Does yours return to sump or vta as it sounds like it's possibly not releasing the pressure as it should

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Looking at that link of the type of catch can you have it seems like it's supposed to separate the condensation and oil then return the oil to sump/block and the water vapour (not oil) back into the intake

Unfortunately I haven't got much experience with anything other than catch cans as the cheap one on my classic is the first one I've ever fitted or owned .

oil separators are a bit more technical as they're supposed to separate the oil and water vapour with baffles and get rid of it rather than just catching it . I do find it a bit strange that your getting excessive oil coming out of the dv as any access oil should surely be returned to sump/block (if it's been fitted correctly)

It could just be old oil in the intercooler/pipe work that's being pushed through and hopefully it's not your turbo seals on the way out or a fitting issue

If a garage fitted for you I'd probably just let them have a squint to try to find out why it's got oil in the intake air when it should be separated and returned back into the block

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