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Disco springs on a forester


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Hi there I'm new to the forum, I heard somewhere that you can fit discovery front springs to all 4 corners to give it a bit more clearance, has anyone ever done this and if so how much clearance does it give? And has anyone any pictures?


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Hello & welcome, not seen it done or heard about it to be honest, not saying it can't be though, there are loads of different ways of raising them by all accounts, as mine was already wallowing around on dead shocks i went the other way and dropped it a little

If Mr B doesn't have any tricks up his sleeve i'd have a look over on www.forester.org there's a whole section on raising them there

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never heard of that before.

Way I raise foresters is combination of steel spacer block on top hats & new specific springs.

1" to 1.5" on top hat spacer & 1" to 1.5" on springs to suit what customer wants, can also gain 0.5" to 075" on bigger diameter tyres.

Raising suspension mechanically over 2" needs rear trailing arms repositioned on custom bracket so wheel swings to arch centre correctly.

adding much more than 1.5" via spring is pointless as loose to much strut stroke travel.

King spring & british company springcoil can do decent spec raising springs .

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