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Looking for good Scooby specialist

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I'm based in London, recently purchased an '07 Impreza Wrx with 50k on the clock.

I'm taking it on a trip to the north of Scotland in about a month and a half and have picked a couple of little niggles over the first month or so of ownership.

I don't believe its anything serious, just a tinny sound on acceleration at low speed and what feels like a wheel alignment issue.

For peace of mind, could someone recommend a specialist they've used recently?

I found Surrey Subaru Specialists...anyone had expedience with them?

Thanks D

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I dont know of any in the London area as I am on the border of Surrey so I tend to go over that way myself.


Dan at Surrey Subaru is reallly good have used him myself as do most of the Surrey Scoobies owners club they are just down the m3 at Camberly, there's also Greenwood racing devlopments or TFS racing in Surrey, lastly Len at http://www.subaru4you.co.uk/ in Newbury.

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Thanks Pete. I'm going to go with Dan at SSS. He's easy to get to from me in Lewisham round the m25. Pretty fully booked, earliest slot I can get is 3rd week in august...must be a good thing

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