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HELP! Just noticed to cables disconnected under the hood....


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No it keeps overheating, obviously as soon as it does i turn the engine off and let it cool down, fill up the water and bring it home! Im tried connecting it and going for a drive and it didn't prevent the car from overheating!! 

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They wont be related to the overheating, that can be down to:


Dodgey Thermostat.

take the tremostat out and put int a saucepan of boilg water. if it opens its ok if not repace it.


an Air lock in the cooling system.

drain and refill the system.


Split hoses/pinhole in radiator

when it gets to temp and pressure check the hoses and radiator for any leaks.



or worst case head gasket failure.

seek professional help.



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Could also be the water pump or a blocked rad or radiator cap. What model do you have?

Is the radiator warm all over when it overheats?

Does the overflow bottle fill up?

Does it overheat when left idling?

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As above dont think these are due to the engine temperature issues.


As for the cables if the car is running fine leave them alone. "If it ain't broke dont fix it".  If your that worried pay a mechanic to have a look for you! It maybe cheaper than any potential damage cause from curiousity.

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