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Windows 10

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Anyone got any thoughts on this ?

Just had a windows email for a free upgrade to 10 currently on 7 and having some issues with go pro etc as it wants the newer service packs and bits and bobs,

So do I take a punt and upgrade or is it as bad as Windows 8?

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By looks of it it will be free to anyone with valid 7 - 8 windows already.

From what I seen it will be far better than 8 but as new for sure will have a few glitches for some. See if Gambit has tested it on his mums computer yet :-D

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I subscribed to the free upgrade ages ago not out until the end of the month. But I have got the beta and it's pretty good not that glitchy either even on the early build but not used it as a daily computer just had a look really ran a few programs.


I use windows 8.1 anyway and like it, was a huge learning curve though from windows 7. But now I have got used to it and know where stuff is I find it better than seven. So have no problem with the upgrade as a daily at the end of the month :) 

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