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Outback -04 radio display id dead


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We bought a Outback -04 this week and it had a few issues, I´ve managed to fix 2 out of 4 so far.

The most annoing now is that the car radio display is totally dead, the radio itself still works.

I´ve tried to post questions in the Swedish forum, but there´s not much response.

Anyone who has an idea or a solution how to fix this?


The last issue is that the speedometer shows a little too much speed compared to other speedometers and GPS.

The tires are a little bit smaller than original, but only about 1.15% so that should not make such a big difference.

When I do 80km/h the speedometer says 90.

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Difficult to advise on the radio as I dont know what set is installed in your car. Sounds, though as the radio (if it's single DIN) dial illumination bulb/s may be gone. Can you swop in a radio/cd and see how that goes? The speedo over-read; how did you measure the 1.15% difference to stock - circumference or diameter? It anyway contributes to the overread, whether to the extent of 10km/h faster at 80 k's, maybe. Note that all speedos overread a bit.

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There´s this Swedish site rullomkrets that can calculate the difference between tires and rims, I guess you can find a English somewhere.

The difference is in circumference.

Yes all speedos overread, but I think this is a little too much, I´m used to a max of 5km/h overread.


The radio plays CD and radio, but there´s no light so you don´t know what channel it is and you can´t setup anything.

Been trying to find a new 1 or 2 DIN radio dash, but it´s not so easy to find for this model and the car is a little old.


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I guess its also a Left hooker..

Please can you give us the details of the mofdel code from the VIn label inside the door.

looks like the panel for the radio / CD is lown. it may be a loose connector / plug to the display assembly, however it may be somthing more hidden ( transistor / ic failure))

NoT sure (I can't remember from when i stripped mine out) if the info panel is a seperate item to the unit itself, I think it may be ..

in which case there are several units on the bay at the moment ..use as part doners but the fequency part of the radio display

may be wrong

Or convert to UK spec, (Although the radio may not work)



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I´m not sure of what label you mean, I can´t find one.


I disassembled the radio today and can´t really see anything, I hoped to find a broken fuse.


There are a lot of radio dash on eBay, but I don´t want to loose the AC display so I guess we have to live with this

even though the radio itself is really boring without MP3 playback and no aux.

Maybe I´ll by a MP3 player with radio transmitter and hope I can manage to tune it in.

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Yes maybe, but then it´s postage to Sweden too and it´s untested so nobody knows if it works.


I´m not sure if I can take any parts from that either as all buttons are mirrored compared to left hand driven cars.

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Hi I am having the exact same problem. Everything works except the upper or radio display which is blank. It was intermittently coming on when the car ‘warmed’ up but now it doesn’t come on at all, however the radio, CD and climate controls and lower display all work no problems. I know it’s not the headunit as I tried 2 others from a Subaru wrecker and they all have the same problem with everything working except for the radio display. Did anyone ever figure out how to fix this problem?

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