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  1. Been a few years but my bug wrx has a still scoop. Fits pretty well imo
  2. not for a while yet. most of the world is pretty much dependant on old fashioned power plants so at the mo electric cars dont make much sense . once we are able to run most of the cities on solar or some kind of renewable green source then we will see much more of this i reckon
  3. stupid idea really. what if you get the train/taxi loads? i dont see this working at all
  4. the wife got me a new oil cooler kit...probably wont arrive till after christmas though
  5. i think silverlake scrappy posts small parts (alteast they did). they are based in hampshire. they posted me a altanator for my bug
  6. is the maf faulty by any chance? and did you check the intercooler hose aswell?
  7. sounds like something internal. maybe cam bearings? my speakers are naff so hard to tell
  8. i will give my honest opinion. it looks ok but i see imprezas with plates saying 'SCOOBY" or something like that all the time to the point its quite the norm now. but if you like it i say go for it chap.
  9. im no expert but maybe the flywheel is ever so slightly warped? unlikley but one of the others will be along shortly
  10. agree with jay. if your not desperate to sell then hold on and sell private. you will probably get loads more that way
  11. coilovers will make more of a diff than OEM. depends how much you want to spend. i went with coilovers. and it made a huge difference with my T1-R tyres
  12. i run 400hp and i use a 20g turbo. hope that helps