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Brake & Handling Advice

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It was my intention to upgrade my WRX hatch with D2 big brake kit and a stage 3 handling kit, however I am starting to now have doubts whether I am just throwing money at it for no purpose! I have been quoted £4,500 to get all this done which is quite a considerable amount of money. 


My car is pretty well running standard power apart from a CAT-back exhaust system and upgraded panel filter. I am not really intending on going any more that 275 bhp in the future as this is my daily and i need it to stay reliable. 


I haven't put the car on track and I am not sure if I ever will (mainly for not being man enough) and secondly i have a second car in the making for this. 


The car needs a service which it will need brakes all round so what I am asking do I need all those parts or should I go for standard/slightly better brakes (EBC) and bin the idea of the handling pack? 




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Have a look at black diamond discs and pads I've just put a set of pads on standard discs and the difference is night and day, ebc seem to have mixed reviews on subaru's for some reason so although I've used them on other cars I thought I'd take a punt on something different. Maybe go braided lines and a brake booster for extra feel

As for handling, what's your ultimate aim ? Have you considered just upgrading bit by bit ? Maybe start with droplinks & maybe a rear arb with proper geo set up and see how you get on, that way further down the line you can add springs or coilies, alk, etc etc if you feel the need.

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I have spoken to Tarmac Sportz and they have basically said dont get the D2's as they are over priced and they arent value for money. They have suggested getting thr Stoptech kit which is cheaper than the EBC's plus get the added bonus of the braided lines. 


With regards to handling I am not sure what i want. As i said above im not really looking to track the car but i would like the wheels to sit better in the arches as from side on it looks like its on stilts. 

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Ok so i have decided not to go too extreme and I have ordered the Stoptech brake kit which comes with upgraded discs, pads and braided lines. I thought if they are good enough for a 600bhp competitive drift car then they are good enough for the daily!!! Also opted for the BC coilovers. I am now done spending money on this car

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