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Brake fluid on paintwork


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Haven't washed the scoob for a fortnight so i chucked a overdue sponge at it yesterday and noticed some marks on the newly refurbished rims [emoji53]

Turns out the bloke I bought the brembos off had bolted the braided lines to a uneven face (part painted) [emoji35]

When i got them I saw the washers and banjo bolts were new with tape over the "car" end so i just checked the torque settings on the banjo bolts, cleaned, greased and then fitted them .

I've sorted the leak this evening by filing the face flat and fitting new washers, just a bit miffed to say the least [emoji36]

It's only been weaping a tiny bit but still managed to eat the surface of paint on the inside of the drivers side wheel and flick some up the side of the car, which I've clayed and t cut but it's still left brown spots (look a bit like tar)

Any body know of anything else I can try on the bodywork to stop it eating the paintwork any more ?

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