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Hi Everyone.


Please pass this warning round to other forums if you use them.


Some of you may remember I bought a 2008 model Legacy 2.0i RE Auto estate recently and after a couple of days found I had problems.


The car was a dark blue metallic nice looking estate sold by Pumphill Car Centre in Clacton. It had done around 127k and I paid £2995 for it with a warranty for another £275.


I found I had what's known as torque wind or lock up and had my main dealers look at it. They drained the auto fluid and found metal filings in the box and suggested basically it was knackered. The gearbox ECU was having issues as well. The cost of re-build was £3600 or a new box fitted by dealers for £4600.


I told Pumphill garage this and that it needed repairs under the warranty etc.................after several goes they collected it to check and get it repaired it I had said it had to be done properly and not some quick fix and said if not I would invoke Section 75 of the Consume Credit Act as I had paid £200 deposit on credit card.


After 3 weeks or arguing they agreed to take the car back and give refund plus £100 expenses................ I have since now been out and with the absence of any nice Legacies about have gone for a different mark.


Now this is the scary part the car is back on their forecourt for sale http://www.pumphillcarcentre.co.uk.razsor.autotrader.co.uk/used-cars/subaru-legacy-2-0-re-5dr-clacton-on-sea-201507115108623 at £4290.


I do know the guy that did some repairs on the gearbox but he said steer clear as they only wanted minimum repairs and he wouldn't guarantee it. The car will also need a complete exhaust right through and 4 new tyres (they are different front to back in make and loading rate). The audio had some issues and sometimes didn't bring up correct radio station..........................


I should have looked at their reviews first as they are terrible bunch to deal with - beware



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I have passed it around various forums and Trading Standards are aware but simply to add on cost of repair to car value is ludicrous. If all garages did that there'd be nothing on the market under £3k.


I think they'll have a problem selling it as there are quite a few on Autotrader with lower mileage of the same age for a lot less money. They are at top of pricing spec.


Clacton sharks - I should have read all the reviews.

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