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  1. Was traded in against a 2013/14 320d msport touring semi auto James
  2. Wack some pictures up buddy will help with your sale 👌
  3. I had both front drop links replaced and knew it wasn't the D bushes as it had just passed mot ........ turned out to be the passenger shock! Check the shocks for signs of oil, mine started off with abit of misting which caused a knock and one one horrid pot hole later the oil completely went James
  4. I use one of these on my hatchback with no problems :) i have replaced the metal ended car straps for the dun-bell type as i didn't want to chip paint ect$ja=tsid:94971|cid:868555891|agid:44240686736|tid:pla-330971984098|crid:204164410032|nw:g|rnd:986429259927986567|dvc:c|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:9045632&gclid=EA
  5. Got mine In the post today, can't imagine a previous owner would fail to get something like brake lines sorted 😕 My nearest garage is between an hour to hour half away which sucks James
  6. Wing mirror all received and well packaged Thanks Dan! Yet to fit but im sure i will have no problems its in mint condition :) James
  7. Sent you a PM about passenger side wing mirror :D James
  8. You need to look for a new Fella hahaha
  9. Id wait out and check your insurance prices year by yearto see if you can afford a real scooby! I got an Rx hatch after crashing my suzuki as I couldn't afford insurance on a turbo one and honestly after the new car rush wore off I wish I had waited another year for a turbo one! I love scoobys hole heartedly but NA imprezas are not there greatest achievement much better value and horse power for the money out there 😁 James
  10. welcome along buddy! how does someone get GIVEN a scoob haha Whack some pictures up :P James
  11. Thats good to know! It' ashame really subaru allways had a good reputation but come on they need to keep uk stock there's enough of us who own them 😂
  12. So i had my Mot on Monday and it fail due to excessive play in the rear anti roll bar D mounts ...... so as you do you ask how much its going to cost ect and this is where its gets interesting! My garage phoned local parts stores Motor supplies Weston and Mills auto parts and both said there was absolutely nothing on there system which they thought was strange but went along with it and decided to phone Subaru direct to source the mounts ......... and they said exactly the same :O Anyone else had this with any other Impreza parts? They have managed to find some mounts on Ebay
  13. love this :D sits much much better with the coilovers for sure James
  14. widely used in the drift scene! i know a few people that used them and had no complaints :) James
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