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Yet Another Buying Question


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Hi. As a new member I posted this question in the New Members forum but as I imagine few people read that I'll post it here too if that's OK.


Am about to scrap my old transit and a 58 plate Forester DXc caught
my eye in the showroom.Looks in good nick and has fsh from its two
owners. mileage is 48000.


Am wondering about running costs such as a new tyre cost (bound to be
expensive compared to my old transit!) and the cost of a service.


Also is this model likely to be reliable for say, 5 6 or 7 years ?


I know these are noob questions but its many years since I owned a
"proper" car so am out of the loop as far as the basics are concerned



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well mate 1st off the subaru in a showroom will be way over book price better lookin on private adds, go for an older one thats been well cared for plus it will be cheaper to maintane the newer the car the more complecated thats my opinion

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I wouldn't go that far mate I've no experience with the diesel, dogconkers your man if you have any questions regarding glow plugs he and his wife have a pair of diesel xv's one of them has had issues the other has been fine

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