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Horrible clutch/ gearbox noise, help!


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Hi guys,

I have started having this noise coming from my car when I give it the beans from a standing start.

- sorry about camera work, started a bit late but didn't want to do it again as it sounds nasty!

It only makes this noise from a standing start and the clutch, as far as I know isn't slipping but I'm not entirely sure what that feels like. Pulls well in all gears and no problems changing up or down, in general it's just fine to drive.

Also, if I am gentle/ normal it's fine, no noise.

I asked a friend what it could be and he suggested that it might be the throw out bearing but was only guessing.

Would love some help on what it is, how to fix it and costs both if I were to do it myself or if I were to take it in to a garage.



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