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Found 24 results

  1. Hey guys. Got a bit of a strange one. Recently bought my 2.0D 2010 Subaru Outback Manual, and after I've been driving the car for a while (about 2 or so hours) across the day, the car violently judders when I move off the line in first gear. Has anyone else had this problem? Eg. I can go on a long(ish) drive on the motorway, and the clutch and car will be fine when I leave. Once I pull into a town, I change nothing about my driving style, and the car starts shuddering. In my opinion Its a clutch issue, and I can more or less get around it if I slowly get the car rolling then quickly drop the clutch, but I hate doing it, and I'm looking to try and fix it. Either way this has got me beat! I bought this car not too long ago, and it can really get me down. Thanks guys!
  2. My clutch has given up . Running 334bhp . Can someone tell me do I need stage 2 or other ?
  3. I have a Subaru hatch WRX-S (Narrow body) and I am keen to upgrade to 6 gears. Running 400bhp (I know not safe) and am awaiting the inevitable bang from my 5 speed gearbox 😂 anyone recommend a company who can take care of this? Parts, fitting the lot. Im from near Brighton so south is ideal. Aware it’s a big job however I haven’t got the time to do it myself and from research the rabbit hole goes deep (axle, lower control arms, driveshaft etc etc 😢) and I will want it running ASAP once it does pop 💥 thanks in advance AWD fam 👌🏻
  4. Hello again everyone, I was wondering if you could assist me in figuring out the source of a knocking noise and what could possibly be causing it. I have a 2006 impreza 1.5 R, when I am releasing the clutch to move off from a stand still a knocking noise appears, as though the engine is tapping something in the bay. I haven't been able to pinpoint the problem and recreate it everytime without fail. But if I am pulling off from a stand still then the noise could happen once quite loudly or 2 or 3 times consecutively but rather quiet. I usually move off at around 1,500 - 2,500 rpm (tis a baby 1.5 ) Dropping the clutch or doing my best to make the car jerk back and forth does not seem to produce the noise so I'm a tad confused to the analogy of a loose engine. As odd an explanation as this is, would anyone have any insight as to a common problem associated with such a noise? thank you
  5. Hi guys I was driving my car and reved it under a bridge with clutch engaged after that the car doesnt want to go into any gear. It does engage in gear whilst car is off, as soon as you start it all you hear is TICK TICK TICK and you are unable to engage into any gear. Has this happened to anyone? P.S. It is not the engine.
  6. Hi guys I was driving my car and reved it under a bridge with clutch engaged after that the car doesnt want to go into any gear. It does engage in gear whilst car is off, as soon as you start it all you hear is TICK TICK TICK and you are unable to engage into any gear. Has this happened to anyone? P.S. It is not the engine.
  7. Hello all, Looking for a bit of advise, I have 2006 WRX Wagon. So my clutch is needing replaced and I'm not sure what clutch to get, should i get an OEM one or a stage 2. My end game is getting between 330hp - 350hp out of the car, not sure what kind of torque figures would be assosated with that (400lb-ft?). What I'd like to know is would I require a stage 2 clutch. I was advised to upgrade by a garage asvthey stated the OEM one isbnot very good and I'm also in the mind set as yes this would be nessesery. What do you guys think? Also what clutch would you guys recommend?
  8. Hi, not sure if I've put this in the right place, sorry if not. Looking at buying a 2009 Forester manual diesel. The clutch is going to need to be replaced. How much roughly would I expect to pay for this to be done. I'm wary of these cars because of the dual mass flywheel, I know these are expensive to do. Cheers
  9. Hi All, My 2010 WRX-S suffers from a bad squeaky clutch which temporarily goes and is replaced with the clutch sticking down sometimes, meaning I need to use my toe to bring it fully up (it never sticks engaged, just the last bit of travel). From reading various threads online I believe the first and easiest thing for me to try is the clutch pedal 'helper' return spring... however I cannot seem to find one on a UK supplier site anywhere?? US shops stock loads of the things, but apparently not in the UK, P/N: 36037fc010. Does anyone know where to source one from, or have had this issue before and know a fix? Also here is a video I found for changing that spring: Thanks Matt
  10. In low gear like 1st and 2nd the car seems abit jerky even when you try to be careful with lifting off the clutch. The clutch also feel pretty heavy to press in compared to other cars I've driven. Just wondering if this is normal or something going wrong. I had the clutch and gearbox replaced when i got the car but both were replaced with second hand parts that were in better condition.
  11. So I now have anti lag and launch control working and 2 switches i will probably never use these much at all but they were set up as a favour. The anti lag works fine however when using the launch control it feels like the clutch slips as the car with judder a lot before it can build up speed. Is this due to the fact that the car is running 312bhp on just a standard clutch and struggles to put it all down under launch control? It works fine without the launch.
  12. So my clutch is on its way out and i've been looking around for prices etc to replace it, also been looking at the idea of replacing it with an upgraded clutch as i may look at performance mods further down the line. Anyone here running an upgraded clutch that can tell me how it affects day to day driving? i use my car for work so wouldn't want it to be a ****** to drive around. I've been scoping out the Exedy stage 1 clutch kit but if anyone is running that or similar and could let me know how it is that would be awesome! On another note, if anyone could advise a garage local to south wales that could replace the clutch for a fair price that would be sweet, I had a quote from a Subaru dealer for £1000 all in. I have never had a clutch changed in any of my cars (luckily) so i have no idea if this is good or bad? i'm kind of hoping bad... Thanks in advance!
  13. hey guys ive recently noticed when i push the car quite hard & go to change gear normally 2nd -3rd i get a slight judder on the clutch peddle just at the top end. doesnt do it lower revs of slower speeds just when i give it a little push. its kind of like a vibration at the top end of the clutch then it stop after it moves slightly down. any one experenced this at all? cheers
  14. I'm having kittens at the moment withe the price of a dual mass clutch/flywheel for my legacy 2.5 04 plate se. Not much change from 1000 pound for a proper job and I've asked a couple of subaru garages about conversions but they seem to run a mile when ever I chase them up for a price. So it looks like she's going to have to be px for something new. Question is does a blob eye wrx impreza have one of these dual mass clutches or are they single mass. It seems other than a engine rebuild we can budget for most things but maybe a dual mass clutch is not one of them. Obviously I don't want to buy something new and be back to square one 6 months down the line. Cheers guys! Any advise welcome!!
  15. Hi there, I have a UK 2000 Turbo Classic and all appears to be running well at the moment apart from a very annoying constant judder / vibration through the clutch pedal when idling with the clutch pedal depressed. Today it also started making a rattling noise on top of the judder with the pedal in. It appears something is moving, perhaps mounts ? It vibrates when in neutral also but obviously with clutch pedal in I can feel it up through my foot. The clutch judder when moving off now in 1st and moving to 2nd is getting quite bad. The car has always vibrated a lot when idling, with a vibrating / knocking sound which appears to be coming from the passenger footwell area. Does anybody have an ideas or experience of the same? The revs at idle are fine, just a terrible vibration / knocking constantly. Car is a my00, UK 2000 turbo with FMIC and3" decat. Car had new clutch last year I was told (I purchased car 2 months ago) and I have done oil and filters etc. service wise. Just trying to get some opinions so I know what specifically to look for to diagnose. Thanks. Kev.
  16. Hi guys. I have a 1996 WRX V-Limited Turbo import impreza and im after some bits but not sure what/where is the best thing to do. Heres a list: The centre interior light cover inbetween front and back seats on the roof the cover has cracked so need a new one of those. Cant seem to find that anywhere. Next is new rear speakers im guessing the ones in mine are the original ones and they arent great quality so need some new ones to replace them without needing to damage the back of the car. This is probably the most important. My clutch has started slipping and so need a new one. I use this as my daily so dont want any racing clutches or anything but i dont know enough about clutches to know what to get. Any help is greatly appreciated. The others 2 are a new top mounted intercooler and front radiator. Again i can find these easily but just want to know what people reccommend and what people have used themselves. Its a lot of questions i know but any help is greatly appreciated. Picture underneath is my car to help Cheers Adam Stewart
  17. Hi everyone ive got my scoob booked in for new gearbox this week so going to change the clutch while box is out. It is standard at the min but looking to put full 2,5" decat system on it soon also a front mount and dump valve this year so what would be best clutch for me with these mods. Also im need to keep price of clutch down as the gear box change was not a planded one lol so a bit light on funds at min Thanks
  18. May be obvious, but not to me;-) Doing a tidy of engine bay on sprint car while engine is out. Want to tidy clutch lines and wondered why there is sooo much hard line between master cylinder and flexi pipe, goes backwards and forwards a few times. Is there a dampener in there? Seems to be a bleed screw too. Ideally want to remove to declutter and a save a little weight too. ABS coming out too by the way. Car is 1998 WRX. Cheers Tim
  19. Hi guys, I have started having this noise coming from my car when I give it the beans from a standing start. - sorry about camera work, started a bit late but didn't want to do it again as it sounds nasty!It only makes this noise from a standing start and the clutch, as far as I know isn't slipping but I'm not entirely sure what that feels like. Pulls well in all gears and no problems changing up or down, in general it's just fine to drive. Also, if I am gentle/ normal it's fine, no noise. I asked a friend what it could be and he suggested that it might be the throw out bearing but was only guessing. Would love some help on what it is, how to fix it and costs both if I were to do it myself or if I were to take it in to a garage. Thanks, James
  20. Hi all, I've got a 2005 Blob Eye WRX. It's standard, apart from Prodrive kit (fitted from new). The clutch has started to slip slightly, so will need doing very soon. I had a quote of over £1000 from Jem Subaru so will obviously not be getting it done there. I'm located in East London / Kent. I'm looking for either: 1.) A Subaru Specialist garage to provide and fit a clutch at a reasonable cost or 2.) Suitable clutch kit to purchase myself AND a Subaru Specialist to fit it for me at a reasonable labour cost All suggestions welcome - although I will definitely not be carrying out the work myself. Plus any advice on other details surrounding getting a clutch changed. Thanks!
  21. I've not had my Fozzie long, but since I've had it, it's become clear the clutch wasn't as it should be even though, I had receipt from the previous owner showing it had recently been changed. After masses of clutch judder & difficult hill starts, I knew I had to bite the bullet & get the little red bus some professional help. I dropped it off this morning at Foresters Subaru Spares in Bilston and when I came to pick it up this is what they found... A heavily worn & cracked flywheel, It seems the previous garage neglected to change/inspect the the thing when they installed the clutch, no wonder i was having trouble. I also asked them to change the diff & gearbox oil just for my own peace of mind, it was just as well too! The diff oil was okay but the gearbox oil looked like it had never been changed, it was so heavy with metal particles it looked like silver paint when you stirred it, I'm now worried how long the gearbox will last, but we'll just have to see. The car now drives so much better, the difference in the way the clutch feels is like day & night compared to when I dropped it off! A big thanks to the guys at FSS, really nice down to earth blokes who clearly know their Foresters, i'll be definitely be using them again in the future. :)
  22. Hi all, I hope this is in the right section, apologies if not. I recently put new cambelt and head gaskets on my 98 JDM Forester turbo and it's all good (cheers for all the advice and help on that all) but i get a bit of lurch when pulling away and changing gear. I had a sticky butterfly valve, it was all coked up like kate moss so I cleaned it and it feels better but still a bit lurchy on gear change. I got my mate to look at the transmission mount as i gently let the clutch off in 2nd with the handbrake on but he says there's minimal movement about 3mm up and down which doesnt seeem excessive, has anyone else had this problem and how did they resolve it? I suppose that taking an engine out and wiggling it to get it back in would take its toll on the ENGINE mounts, should I replace them? OEM or are there any cheap good ones because im broke. Cheers all.
  23. Hi all, I think my clutch will need replacing soon. WRX 2002 I've been quoted in the region of around the £700 mark
  24. Hi I have just had a big problem occur in my 1997 subaru impreza turbo 2000 around 130k miles on the clock,had a recent engine rebuild but no receipts to prove it I have pics of under the car after taking off the plastic cover and here are the symptoms... Heard a loud crunch while driving about 25 mph changing into 3rd gear, then a very loud clicking sound, i pulled up immediately thinking it was either my gearbox or clutch, possibly even the front diff, if this car has one, got a tow home. when the car was tested again about 3 days later it sound great when sitting with the engine on but as soon as you start to drive off there is a loud clicking/ scraping noise, the car struggles to get into gear and appears to be jumping every 20 yards, not sure if it is trying to get into reverse but it sure feel like it. anyway after a few yards I drove it home and not touched it since. have noticed oil leaking from what appears to be under the turbo but I think this is just because the cover diverts the oil to this area, gearbox oil seem to be nearly empty but honestly don't know how to fill this up, cant find any cap to pop oil into it but what is there seem to be very clean if not brand new, There seems to be no oil on the bottom of turbo so i guess the oil that is leaking seems to be coming from what looks like the power steering column? but doesn't explain the problems with the gears. all liquids seem fine. oil is a little black but no bits or other substance in it, coolant is coolant only no sllme also Pics of under the car below