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should I buy a 2010 subaru forester 2L n/a with 101k miles on it?

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Hello scooby folk

Iv spotted a 2010 Subaru forester 2L N/A for sale. Im contemplating on buying it but im just worried that the millage of the car may present a problem. I will be taking this car off road now and again and will be putting many more miles on it. Will thos amount of milage put alot of straon on the car making it weak which is the last thing I want when im off road. Ehat im basically trying to say is, is 101k miles alot for a subar forester. Will this amount of milafe mean rhe car could be weak and have some big problems?

Thanks sam

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Hard to say, if it mainly motorway miles then it should be fine & still super healthy, if it been towing & clocked that up on mainly B roads then it got more chance of showing wear/faults.

100K not a lot for a subaru 2.0L NA , I see a lot at almost double that & they amazingly good, sloppy/slightly-noisy transmission, poor clutch & saggy suspension is normally first things to show up.

If they had sensible use & proper servicing with quality parts then 100K could have a good 60k+ left ...

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