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Forester crash competition

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Not mine but taken from another forum :) 


This was my friend's Forester. She and her friend were coming back from a trip and her friend fell asleep at the wheel, causing the Forester to drift under a semi, where it was then basically cut in half. Had they been in any other vehicle I don't think they would have survived. This is the main reason I joined the Subaru world. These pictures were sent to Subaru headquarters back in 2006/2007...from what I understand, data was used from this specific accident in new safety designs for newer model Foresters, although I am unsure as to what model year it started with. My friend even got a discount on a newer model and a very nice emergency kit from Subaru because of this accident.









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There was a post on here or foz oc about some guy rolling his into a ditch getting out ok and whist walking away arming the alarm, car was totalled but electrics were still working, obviously funnier if you read the op but you get the idea

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