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scooby for 4 scooby doo's

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How big are the dogs ? If you had just a back seat guard you could get two collie sized ones in comfortably maybe three at a push, back seats down and you'd have space for all. Access may be an issue if they were infirm but it's not too high

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as above really, my sister uses one of my SG foresters for 2 labs & that works perfect . 4 would require seats down really unless small dogs. sunroof is dead handy for when got dogs too as that moon sunroof allows plenty air circulate car.

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Well I think im sold on the forester. Im planning to do a lot of charity work for dogs, cats and wildlife so having a vehicle capable of going off road and carry animals is a must :)

It will be perfect ;-) even an earlier SG AWP model 2003-2008 would be good & prices are not bad at this time of year so you should be able find a real good one if don't rush at it.

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