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hatchback wrx


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WRX-S has a prodrive kit and STI Spoiler and splitter.


You get:


Pro Drive back box

Pro Drive GT1's (Subaru Center caps)

Pro Drive - Remap (Sort of)

STI Splitter

STI Spoiler

Colour coded boot trim.


If they are the same money and you dont plan on modding your car I would go for the WRX-S as you get more power around 250-260bhp and a few visual changes that make the car look much better.


I have been adding the WRX-S style to my WRX I just need the spoiler.


But as soon as you change the exhaust and have a remap the perforce difference from the 2 is gone as they are the same car. I would look at the WRX-S as a styling pack. Its a shame as Pro-Drive could have done a lot more with the car but had to keep the power down as Subaru didn't want it faster than the STI.

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I am in 2 minds if I wanted an sti over the wrx but when I look at what budget I had and what you get from a wrx I am very happy. If I had the money to spend I would go sti for the I drive system and few other little bits.

The power difference on it own just dosnt justify the money to me it not very expensive to get the same power from a wrx.

I would still go sti if I had the money and if I stick with impreza's for my next car I will get an sti I think.


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