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Two oil questions.


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1.  Triple QX oil from "ECP" and "car parts for less" is very cheap, £13 for 5l fully syth.  Heard it is made by Shell just not paid all the extortionate VAG, MB, volvo, BMW, GM.....etc approval prices.  Anyone got an opinion on this oil?  At this price may change my oil more often, even a low price oil changed more often is better than a over priced oil changed on time?


2.  Should my 2.5l outback have semi of full synth?  I thought fully synth was always better.



Dont want to open a oil can of worms.  And please no "put the best you can afford in"  or I swear by castrol/magnatec/helix/etc.  I have just spent the last 6 months in Africa and seen some real sheds still racking up the miles.  Am i supposed to believe that a guy struggling to put food on his families table is going to spend a month's wages + on oil?  These cars are still banging on. 

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As long as it meets or exceeds all the api Accea Or what ever regulations/quality tests they are it should be fine, they'll run on both bit if service book says synthetic i'd use only synthetic unlike the older engines which states semi synth

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