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legacy mk3 caliper bracket help


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hi ppl I changed disks and pads on legacy mk3.first time ive ever done anything to the car in 5 years lol.its a work horse.i noticed one of the rod things was stuck in the caliper bracket.after losing my knuckles,gashing my arm and murdering my wife.i tried everything under the sun to get it out.20 cuppas and 4 spliffs  later I had it heated up and in vice and the !Removed! thing snapped inside.now I'm not clued up on these I need help to find a new bracket in the uk one cheap enough for me not to remortgage.any help or links would be appreciated thanks

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Can you post up a pic ? The only things I can think your refering to would be the caliper mounting bolts or the carrier to hub bolts,

Unless you mean the pistons ?

In which case you'd be better off getting an exchanged recon caliper

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Looks like you'll need either number six or eleven depending on what side of the car that's off

No6 is guide pin part no 26228AC000 or 001

No11 is lock pin part no 26228AC010 or 011 I wouldn't go on my word as this is what I've pulled from some online diagrams but should give you a good start if you contact your local subaru dealer

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What year is yours ? Not to clued up on legacy business

Have a look on www.opposedforces.com that's where I pulled the data off fo the other part no's but I may have given you the numbers for mk2

But if you go to the legacy section you'll be able to get the right year and pn

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here's a complete slide pin kit >


won't be much use if current cailiper mount bracket not serviceable.

You should find a used caliper complete with bracket on eBay or a good breaker for 25 to £35 !

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