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Wheel Bearings


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Good evening y'all - sorry I've been quite illusive since I joined up. I went away to the Edinburgh fringe and spent most of it drunk and laughing.  :wacko:


Anyway, the time has come to  start getting some aches and pains sorted on me classic. First job was to replace the fuel pipe - fantastic, all the fuel that I put into the car now goes straight into the tank. F.A.B  :D


Next job now are the two rear wheel bearings - it currently sounds like a fighter jet cockpit in my car - not so handy if I need to use ye olde hands free to speak to people while I'm on the motorway. I'm planning to take the car on an 800 mile round trip next month and I'd like to get them done before I go.  :mellow:


Now, questions are:


1. Where's the best place to get good value parts? I've seen wheel bearing kits on e-bay for around £20.00 each - I've no idea if that's good value for what it is or not.


2. Changing them. Is there anything i should be aware of if I was to change em myself? 


Cheers everyone for having a look.  :)


forgot to mention, this is the model of my motor (according to e-bay)


Subaru Impreza Estate 2.0i AWD 2000 (Classic)

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Www.importcarparts.co.uk are usually good for bearing kits, i'd steer clear of 20 quid eBay jobbies unless they are brand named ones, a decent oem spec bearing is about 40 quid each, the rears can be a pain to get the hub to lateral link bolt out they usually seize so I'd attack it for a couple of days before hand with penatrating oil, if you are planning on doing them yourself you'll need press to get them in and out again it's a pain as the abs rings are fragile. I paid my local garage a ton inc parts for the job, i'm glad I did as he had some right issues getting it seated correctly

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Most garages who use to doing these will do it on car using a bearing puller kit, it far quicker & also a very smooth way of fitting the bearing.

Buy top quality jap bearings only, any local bearing shop can do these or as stants suggests use ICP (importcarparts.co.uk), price should be about £35 per bearing kit.

If doing yourself look at getting a bearing puller such as this >


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