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vf23 - vf22 question

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Hi everyone quick question regarding the vf series, i recently had
one of the bearings let go in my vf 22 im sure a lot of you have been

cant seem to see many 22's about for sale at the min but ive seen a
few 23's it seems other than it having a smaller comp housing and a 6
blade wheel over the 22's 5 blade there the same? so if i get a 23 and
put my comp housing on it am i good to go? or have i overlooked
something or do i have incorrect information?


any help appreciated!

thanks in advance

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I don't know a great deal about the vf series spec and to be honest didn't know that there was any difference between the 22 &23 other than one of them uses a bigger hotside so spools slightly slower but holds boost a bit better higher in the Rev range .

Only thing i can think of is to Maybe try cross referencing the part numbers online between either a billet wheel or oe spec replacement core for both turbos .

As I'm not sure if the housing would need to be a different profile/dia internally for the different number of blades but if the same "upgrade" wheel/core fits both turbos there's a good chance you can mix n match

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cheers for the quick reply! that is also my understanding/theory (hopefully) only other things ive read is the 22 can hold more boost about 5 lbs more so i didnt know if there was any difference internally (as you stated)

ill have a look into the wheel upgrades, thats a good idea


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OK, done a bit of searching and it seems the compressor wheels vary slightly between models


inducer diameter: 47.2mm

exducer diameter: 60mm

vf30/34 (which uses a comp housing somehwere between the size of the larger vf22 one and smaller vf 23 one)

inducer diameter: 46.5mm

exducer diameter: 59.94mm


it appears the wheel dimensions change between models but the shaft diameter stays the same so id imagine on at least the ball bearing turbos the cartridge probably utilises the same design im pretty confident if i took my comp housing and wheel and put them on a vf 23 id see the same results my vf 22 put out

shame i damaged the comp wheel when strippung it down :(


will keep searching for some defiitive info as im yet to find the diemnsions of the 23,24,28 wheels etc

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I'm not bad with a spanner ,welder or spray gun and I have converted a tdo5 from top entry to front entry but building turbo cores is something I've not got into

As you need to get the cores rebalanced with some expensive machinery on reassembly so I've just looked at "off the shelf " stock location units when considering upgrades for mine in the future

Sorry I can't be of much help myself but I did find some info on here that might be of use to you


Let us know how you get on as I've got a new ported p18 housing and might consider buying a suitable pre balanced core and compressor housing to go with it .

As I'd like to try something different with my project if possible

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Funnily enough that was my next question haha, whats the average cost of balancing a turbo? also can it be done in the cartridge, ie: just the compressor and exhaust housings removed? or does it have to be dissassembled to the stage where its just the shafts and the wheels?

Im very much the same, ive previously clocked turbos to suit my 1.8t vag application and recently opened up my vf 22 after the bearing went just to gain a better understanding really.

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