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Revs increase when changing gear


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Hi, I have noticed that when I cut off the the throttle when changing gear the engine gains 2 to 500 revs before dropping, this happens when you change gear at either low or high revs, is this normal on turbo Subaru's or could it be as I've been told a sticking idle air control valve, if it is a sticking iacv can these be cleaned or is it a replacement job, I would appreciate any advice on this and thanks in advance, Andy.

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Easy way to clean the IAC is to remove it and give it a good clean with Carb cleaner (and an OLD toothbrush), t'will get rid od a lot of the carbon deposits and allow things to work as they should, it's always good practice to replace with new any gasket removed, make sure it's all dry in the IAC prior to re installation, and all should be Robert Your Mothers Brother ;), report back with progress to give feedback to others in a similar situation :D

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