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Uk turbo 2000

classic mica

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Just want to introduce myself. Now own the classic Mica green scooby uk 2000 turbo. This may confuse some members but as to why I'm introducing myself once again.

I've bought it off my brother who still has access, but has got a bigger german car due to growing family.

I should and hope to be a little more active as slightly more clued on uploading pics etc. Also hopefully in summer I like to organise the odd local meet as I did with my old club.

Some history, it's my second UK turbo, owned one around 4 years ago in Mica blue, and owned an Sti prodrive blobeye also the same around 4 years ago when I used to buy and sell due to having a traders policy.

My most recent car was a Toyota corolla 1.8 vvtl-i T SPORT. (owned for over 3 years, was my third T sport)

Another all time favourite is the accord type r's, which I have also ironically owned 3 before settling down with the toyota. Hope to make a thread of the classic very soon.


Come back to the Subaru because the previous ones I owned was great cars. Loved both of them, the opportunity rised to own another that I knew was a good low mileage example (56k), with the right history. Also fancied more power and more scope for power which do not come when having a naturally aspirated car.

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