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SOLD - 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX - Modified 294BHP


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Hello, here we have my 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0 turbo for sale. This car was bought by myself as a small project as there were a few things that needed to be done and the time has now come to move on to the next project. 

Since owning it I can tell that it has been very well looked after as the performance is top notch and doesn't miss a beat. The car has done just over 187K miles but has full service history every year from new until 2012 (147K miles).

The previous owner of this car has done a significant engine overhaul within the last 3K miles which involved replacing the following:
All engine gaskets
Timing belt
All idle pullys
Bottom end replacment with STI bottom end
Oil and filter change
So although the milage is high the main details of the engine are very new. 

I will get the bad points out of the way first, so there are a couple of dodgy paint repairs on the car, one on the bonnet and one on the roof. The car used to have bonnet pins as well but these have since been plugged with grommets (http://s301.photobucket.com/user/tgordine/library/Photos%20for%20selling%20Impreza/Impreza%20paintwork). The rear top mounts sound like they now require some attention as there is a knock coming from them but this would appear to be a common issue when coilovers have been fitted. The air con also requires a re-gas. 

Now onto all of the good stuff, as mentioned in the title this car has been modified with the main things listed below: 

KW Coilovers - (I believe these to be the the V1's) 
Decat straight through exhaust with Ninja 2 back box 
STi Bonnet Scoop 
4Bar MAP sensor 
Kicked throttle 
Touch screen radio 
Forge dump valve 
Red stuff pads all round 
Short shifter 
Blitz air filter 
STI Spoiler 
Limo tint rear windows 
Smoked front windows 
Pierburg boost controller 
Boost control dial 
Air/Fuel mixture dial 
Reversing camera - (This will come with the car but is not currently wired in. Everything you need to wire it will come in the box though with the manufacturers instructions) 

This car has also had the ECU mapped and now produces 294 BHP instead of the stock 225BHP which is an improvement of just over 30%. 

I have also recently completed the following work on the car: 

Front crankshaft oil seal - this was leaking oil heavily and required around 1-2 litres top up a week. Since replacing this I have not seen a single drop of oil on the drive. 
turbo replacement - This was replaced with a stock TD04L turbo as the previous one had been spitting oil. It has been driven for the best part of 2 months with this replacement and I have not noticed any issues whatsoever. 
Reverse light switch - This was replaced due to the reverse lights seemingly coming on at will, including driving down the motorway which was far from ideal. 
HID kit has been fitted to the dipped beam only - They are now significantly brighter I find myself not using the high beam at all. This was fitted with a 55W low profile ballast and 55W bulbs
All 4 wheels have been plasti-dipped matte black. 
Squeaking seat belts - Any previous Impreza owner may already be aware of this common fault where the seat belts squeak whenever they move, this has been resolved by modifying the plastic trim around both from belt assembly's. 

As stated above my reason for selling is simple, this was a project car as it was a bit rough around the edges and I have now found my next project, so in order for me to move on unfortunately (as much as I have loved owning this car) this one now needs to go. 

This has just recently passed the MOT after I had completed all of my work and this expires 30/06/16. 



Car - http://s301.photobucket.com/user/tgordine/media/Photos%20for%20selling%20Impreza/IMG_0907.jpg.html


Interior - http://s301.photobucket.com/user/tgordine/library/Photos%20for%20selling%20Impreza/Impreza%20interior

The photo of me squeezing the seat is just to show that the foam seems to have disintegrated a bit on that side, the rest of the seat is fine, its just in that spot.


Engine Bay - http://s301.photobucket.com/user/tgordine/library/Photos%20for%20selling%20Impreza/Impreza%20engine%20bay



I am looking for around £2900 but am open to any sensible offers. Any questions then please let me know and thanks for having a look.

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