Midlands Scooby meet 8. (Final one of the year) + tunnel run

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Got this from our facebook wall that was posted. 


at 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Lichfield Antiques Centre
St Marys Old School, Minster Pool Walk, WS136QT Lichfield


The final meet for the year till we stop them for the winter. (No one wants to be stood around in the cold and the dark) 

**Meet starts at 6:30pm then tunnel run through Queensway tunnels, leaving at 8pm sharp**

Hoping for a cracking turn out. 

Everyone welcome (Subaru owners)
Legacy, Impreza, forester, brz

All club members from any club and none club members welcome. 

Once again I'd like to ask people to keep their noise down and take any litter home. Everyone has been brilliant at all the previous meets. 

Hope to see you all there, let's make t a big one. Can everyone share and invite friends by using the invite button please. 

Thanks everyone

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Ohhh sweet a meet in the midlands inthink ill come along to this one thanks

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2 hour drive for me but all motorway and easy..... possibly turn up to this :)

Maybe next year we'll try and get a Yorkshire lancs bi monthly meet going gaulson,

Saying that I've been meaning to get to gambits but evenings are a little too far for that one

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