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My first Impreza


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Hi all, I am new here with my first Impreza as pictured below. Its a 2000 reg Impreza 2000 turbo. I am not mechanically minded but love cars. Got the car a few days ago and needs a small amount of work but love it already. Tim Farmer mechanic lives local and will be coming to have a look and service it. I have heard good things about him. Needs a little body work doing to.

Known faults so far are rear window wiper not working, tried replacing the fuse but no luck. Passenger and rear passenger side speakers not working. Still has original radio. In fact the whole car is original. There is plastic missing off the inner wheel arch. Not sure what this is called?

I would like for the car to have aircon but this seems to be expensive although can source the parts for a reasonable cost. Need someone to fit it though.

I enjoy forums and look forward to being part of this community.


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Hi mate nice looking wagon there are plenty of wagon owners on here to give you great advice. This is the 1st forum I've ever joined and I'm addicted to it just like I'm addicted to my SCOOBY. Its frustrating at the minute as I don't get very good internet to keep up with what's going on :(  

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Cheers for the welcome guys. I joined another Scooby forum today as well as spend to much time online. Need plenty of advice so like to belong to the communities. Is there any sort of thread for general simple questions rather than starting a new topic for things?

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Always worth joining a few mate. [emoji106]

And not really mate we're not in to policing the forum so not really just try to keep it in the right section really. But of one of us mods or admins feel be better else where we will just move it for you. So don't worry about posting in the wrong section [emoji3]

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